Tracking Down your Mosquito Problems

Mosquitoes are opportunistic, and will find and breed in a wide variety of places around the home. Any water-holding location can become a breeding site for mosquitoes. A half-cup of water can breed enough mosquitoes to cause a problem. You can get rid of your mosquito problems simply and without using pesticides by eliminating breeding locations around the home and yard. Common breeding areas around the home include:

Potted plants with pans Don't overwater, remove pan if possible
Drainage ditches Remove vegetation and obstructions to water flow
Low spots that hold water Fill and regrade
Plugged roof gutters Keep gutters clean
Pet dishes Change water frequently
Trash piles Remove or cover
Old tires Remove or cover
Water holding containers Remove or cover
Poorly maintained pools Follow recommended maintenance
Bromeliads Flush to remove larvae
Tree holes Fill with sand or concrete
Debris on roofs Remove debris
Ponds Keep clean, stock with minnows
Boats Cover or turn upside down
Bird baths Flush at least once per week.

Find the Mosquitoes!

Select the image below to find mosquito breeding areas around the home. A new window will open (may take a few seconds). Click on areas that you think will breed mosquitoes. When you think that you are done, use the show button to display the ones that you missed. To play again click the hide button. Tip: you will hear them before you see them. Close the window when done. Note: If you have a slow connection or if you want to re-use the applet, you can download an archive with all the necessary files by clicking the following button: