Personal Protection
Since there is no direct treatment, control of the disease relies upon preventing transmission to humans or breaking the virus cycle in nature. Transmission prevention involves significantly decreasing the probabilities of mosquito bites. Preventive measures includes avoiding outdoor activities after dark, when the Culex mosquitoes are most active, wearing protective clothing (long sleeves and pants, etc.), and using repellents that contain DEET as its active ingredients. Note that special care must be taken when applying concentrated repellents to children, and particularly, infants, because high concentrations of the active chemicals may be absorbed through the skin. DEET concentrations as low as 35% have been found to be effective in preventing mosquito bites, as long as the formulation persist on the individual.

Reducing Mosquito Populations
Interrupting the virus cycle involves significantly reducing the mosquito populations. This is achieved through spraying of insecticides to directly kill adult and/or immature mosquitoes or, preferably, by elimination of mosquito breeding sitesto prevent populations from ever reaching high levels. You can do your part by eliminating mosquito breeding sites from around your home. Click on the graphic below to learn how.